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ASKAP test finds "monster" black hole

Imagine trying on new pair of spectacles and when glancing around to test them you spot a monster—that's exactly what happened when the ASKAP antennas were turned towards a group of three merging galaxies 1.8 billion light ...

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Experiments shine light on exotic cosmic rays

The Earth is under constant bombardment by subatomic particles called cosmic rays, including some, known as ultra-high-energy cosmic rays, which pack much more punch than the world's most powerful particle accelerators. Fortunately, ...

date4 hours ago in Astronomy
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Equilibrium modeling increases contact lens comfort

According to the Vision Council of America, roughly 75% of adults in the United States require some form of vision correction. Yet only 10% of Americans wear contact lenses. Studies estimate that one in four initial contact-users ...

Researchers say they're closing in on Captain Cook's ship

Researchers say they believe the ship that 18th century explorer Capt. James Cook used to sail around the world is still submerged somewhere in Rhode Island's Newport Harbor, but it'll take a lot of work and money to identify ...

Phoney protection for passwords

Corporate data breaches seem to be on the rise, rarely a week passes without a company revealing that its database has been hacked and regrettably usernames, passwords, credit card details and its customers' personal information ...

Bringing low-cost solar panels to the market

In just one hour, the Earth receives more than enough energy from the sun to meet the world population's electricity needs in an entire year. Tapping that vast power output efficiently and at low cost remains a challenge, ...

Chimp victim's body rejecting face transplant
Yeast infection linked to mental illness
Infections can increase diabetes risk in children

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Satellites to see Mercury enter spotlight on May 9

It happens only a little more than once a decade and the next chance to see it is Monday, May 9, 2016. Throughout the U.S., sky watchers can watch Mercury pass between Earth and the sun in a rare astronomical event known ...

Researchers reveal top 10 most popular reptiles

Scientists from Oxford University and Tel Aviv University have ranked the world's most 'popular' reptiles, revealing the species that capture the public's imagination and providing valuable quantitative data towards the debate ...

Measuring the airborne toxicants urban bicyclists inhale

By switching from four wheels to two, bicyclists help reduce traffic and air pollution—all while getting much-needed exercise. But that health benefit could be costly, due to exposure to potentially harmful compounds in ...

Researchers build a better bionic hand

A Canadian athlete's dream to one day "move" his fingers again after losing an arm in a workplace accident is now within grasp, thanks to a robotic arm prosthesis being developed at Simon Fraser University.

Safer, greener, cheaper route to ultra-cold freezers

Scientists at Brunel University London have engineered an innovative new method to build the next generation of freezers capable of reaching temperatures as low as - 180°C by using advanced cryogenically cooled heat pipe ...

Thanks, super new moon, for a great meteor shower

For those of you needing to escape the (Australian) budget this week, the cosmos has produced a perfect distraction with the regular and reliable meteor shower, the Eta Aquarids, to give you a reason to look up from the paperwork.

Legacies of cotton, atomic age linger in soil

On the second floor of the Levine Science Research Center, in a tall wooden cabinet that could easily be mistaken for an antique dresser, Duke University professor Dan Richter keeps an unusual collection: nearly 600 jars ...

Children with ADHD sleep both poorly and less
Researchers find alternative pathways to HIV antibodies
Fast and slow—learning how the brain controls movement
European court OKs crackdown on e-cigarettes, packaging
Aggregated protein in nerve cells can cause ALS

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