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Spotify to replace Sony streaming music service

Swedish music streamer Spotify will provide the soundtrack for Sony devices, the companies said Wednesday, spelling the end to the streaming music service from the Japanese tech giant that invented the Walkman.

12 hours ago
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The two faces of Mars

A moon-sized celestial object that crashed into the south pole: ETH researchers use a simulation to demonstrate why Mars consists of two notably different hemispheres.

14 hours ago
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VLT image: The mouth of the beast

Like the gaping mouth of a gigantic celestial creature, the cometary globule CG4 glows menacingly in this new image from ESO's Very Large Telescope. Although it appears to be big and bright in this picture, ...

21 hours ago
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Cellular memory of stressful situations

Stress is unhealthy. The cells use therefore a variety of mechanisms to deal with stress and avert its immediate threat. However, certain stressful situations leave marks that go beyond the immediate response; ...

18 hours ago
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COMSOL Server™ Now Available to Run Simulation Apps

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Picking up on the smell of evolution

UA researchers have discovered some of the changes in genes, physiology and behavior that enable a species to drastically change its lifestyle in the course of evolution.

New hypertension guidelines could save lives and money

Health insurers using drug coverage to discriminate

Image: Sounding rockets launch into an aurora

The interaction of solar winds and Earth's atmosphere produces northern lights, or auroras, that dance across the night sky and mesmerize the casual observer. However, to scientists this interaction is more ...

Google's Waze app endangers police: LAPD chief

Google's newly acquired Waze application poses a danger to police because of its ability to track their locations, the Los Angeles police chief said in a letter to the tech company's CEO.

New cells may help treat diabetes

Flame retardants linked to preterm birth

Why upper motor neurons degenerate in ALS

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Chimps with higher-ranking moms do better in fights

For chimpanzees, just like humans, teasing, taunting and bullying are familiar parts of playground politics. An analysis of 12 years of observations of playground fights between young chimpanzees in East ...

Holes in valence bands of nanodiamonds discovered

Nanodiamonds are tiny crystals only a few nanometers in size. While they possess the crystalline structure of diamonds, their properties diverge considerably from those of their big brothers, because their ...

The electric eye of Cyclone Bansi

Though this image may look like they come from a science fiction movie, it is in fact a photograph of tropical cyclone Bansi as seen at night by astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). The image ...

Mobile apps take students into the laboratory

Mobile apps have proved to be valuable educational tools, but laboratory instructors thus far have been limited to using mobile devices only for virtual laboratories with simulated experiments. Now, researchers ...

Many seniors not reporting falls to physician

California breast density law slow to have an impact

Leptin may mediate knee-related osteoarthritis

Vitamin D important for more than just bones

Diet and nutrition essential for mental health

Canadian city detects E. coli in water supply

What's happening with your donated specimen?

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