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GPS tracking down to the centimeter

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have developed a new, more computationally efficient way to process data from the Global Positioning System (GPS), to enhance location accuracy from the meter-level down ...

date1 hour ago in Engineering
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Researchers discover underlying cause of myeloma

Yale Cancer Center researchers have identified what causes a third of all myelomas, a type of cancer affecting plasma cells. The findings, published Feb. 10 in the New England Journal of Medicine, could fundamentally change ...

date57 minutes ago in Cancer
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Record for fastest data rate set

A new record for the fastest ever data rate for digital information has been set by UCL researchers in the Optical Networks Group. They achieved a rate of 1.125 Tb/s as part of research on the capacity limits of optical transmission ...

date2 hours ago in Telecom
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Mutual sabotage in parasites

Some parasites have only one goal: to develop completely in their intermediate host, await the right time to infect their definitive host and procreate there. Many parasites manipulate their intermediate host's behaviour. ...

date1 hour ago in Plants & Animals
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How particles pack in a confined space

(—Many biological systems involve dense packing of a large amount of material or particles in a confined space. For example, eukaryotes' nuclei hold about two meters of DNA that is tightly wound into chromosomes. ...

date21 hours ago in General Physics report
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Fish fins can sense touch

The human fingertip is a finely tuned sensory machine, and even slight touches convey a great deal of information about our physical environment. It turns out, some fish use their pectoral fins in pretty much the same way. ...

date15 hours ago in Plants & Animals
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Why you may skimp on your Valentine's Day gift

Imagine that you're buying a box of chocolates for a loved one on Valentine's Day, and the store is offering a free gift if you buy a slightly inferior box of chocolates instead of the best chocolates in the store. Which ...

date14 hours ago in Social Sciences
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Scientists take nanoparticle snapshots

Just as a photographer needs a camera with a split-second shutter speed to capture rapid motion, scientists looking at the behavior of tiny materials need special instruments with the capacity to see changes that happen in ...

date17 hours ago in Optics & Photonics
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Smart cities better defined by new research

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have identified a handful of key elements that define 'smart cities'– cities like Singapore and Copenhagen, which are both at the top of their game in using technology to enable ...

Compact lens-free digital microscope

At next week's SPIE Photonics West 2016, imec will demonstrate a lens-free microscope for large field-of-view live imaging at micrometer resolution. Imec's on-chip lens-free microscope can be integrated into life sciences ...

Lawmakers say UK's draft online spying law needs changes

The British government is under pressure to amend its proposed Internet surveillance law after a committee of lawmakers said plans to make service providers retain all users' data have not been "adequately thought through."

Scientists gain insights into 'forbidden' chemistry

Gabriele Saleh, a research fellow at MIPT, and Prof. Artem Oganov, a Laboratory Supervisor at MIPT and Professor at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), have discovered what causes the stability of ...

Researchers discover underlying cause of myeloma
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Nokia says quarterly profit rose but cautions on outlook

Nokia saw fourth quarter profit grow more than 50 percent to 498 million euros ($560 million) on a slight increase in sales, but the telecom networks company cautioned it would face some "market headwinds," especially in ...

'Electronic nose' determines food freshness

A new device analyzes gas mixtures using semiconductor sensors. Odor is determined by a combination of existing gases in the atmosphere. Researchers have found that the conductivity of a semiconductor probe changes during ...

Gravitational waves: Why the fuss?

The physics world is abuzz ahead of a hotly anticipated announcement concerning the quest to track down gravitational waves. But what are they, and why should you care?

Twitter woes deepen as user base fails to grow

Twitter's woes deepened Wednesday as the struggling messaging platform said it failed to add users in the past quarter, adding to concerns it is lagging in the fast-moving world of social networks.

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