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A new look at the sun's magnetic field

Sunspots, bursts of radiation and violent eruptions are signs that our sun is permanently active. Researchers have long known that this activity varies in a cycle of around eleven years' duration. Even if ...

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Dark matter is darker than once thought

This panel of images represents a study of 72 colliding galaxy clusters conducted by a team of astronomers using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and Hubble Space Telescope. The research sets new limits on ...

Nocturnal GERD tied to non-infectious rhinitis

Physician/Pharmacist model can improve mean BP

Innovative prototype presented for post-ICU patients

Depression, suicide and the workplace - Q&A

China starts relocating endangered porpoises: Xinhua

Chinese authorities on Friday began relocating the country's rare finless porpoise population in a bid to revive a species threatened by pollution, overfishing and heavy traffic in their Yangtze River habitat, ...

Climate fund signs up first partners

The global fund created to spearhead climate change financing has selected its first partners to channel funds to developing countries, but says it needs donor nations to move fast in transforming cash pledges ...

COPD takes big toll on employment, mobility in US

Clues to a city's health may be found in its sewage

US aims to cut antibiotic use

AAFP issues comprehensive breastfeeding toolkit

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X-rays probe LHC for cause of short circuit

The LHC has now transitioned from powering tests to the machine checkout phase. This phase involves the full-scale tests of all systems in preparation for beam. Early last Saturday morning, during the ramp-down, ...

A long-standing mystery in membrane traffic solved

In 2013, James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman, and Thomas C. Südhof won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries of molecular machineries for vesicle trafficking, a major transport ...

Evolutionary novelties in vision

A new study from SciLifeLab at Uppsala University published in PLOS ONE shows that genes crucial for vision were multiplied in the early stages of vertebrate evolution and acquired distinct functions leading to the sophis ...

CDC: Hypertension-related deaths on the rise in US

How the brain remembers pain

Genetic test for inherited kidney diseases developed

Understaffed nursing shift impacts patients

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