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New target could eliminate lurking cancer stem cells

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have identified a novel target that could help to identify 'cancer stem cells' while they are in their inactive state. The scientists could then jolt these cells into action so that ...

date8 hours ago in Genetics
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Earth might have hairy dark matter

The solar system might be a lot hairier than we thought. A new study publishing this week in the Astrophysical Journal by Gary Prézeau of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, proposes the existence of ...

dateNov 23, 2015 in Astronomy
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Modeling and Simulation for Everyone

With COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.2, modeling and simulation is available for everyone. Watch the release highlights video to learn more.

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Extreme heatwaves may hit Europe in the short term

Regional climate projections for the two coming decades (2021-2040) suggest enhanced probability of heatwaves anywhere in Europe, which would be comparable or greater than the Russian heatwave in 2010 - the worst since 1950 ...

A promising new prototype of battery

After two years of research, a French team, mostly including researchers from the CNRS and CEA within the RS2E network on electrochemical energy storage have just designed an alternative technology to Li-ion for application ...

LG Display plans multi-billion OLED plant

South Korea's LG Display said on Friday it planned to invest close to $9.0 billion in a new plant to produce organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, anticipating a surge in demand for the ultra high-definition technology.

New target could eliminate lurking cancer stem cells
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Measuring air pollution on a bicycle

A small group of EPFL students captured second place at the international competition iCan with their bike light with an air pollution gauge.

ESA image: Sudanese fields

This false-colour image of south Khartoum in Sudan was one of the first from Sentinel-2A on 28 June, five days after it arrived in orbit.

How bad will this El Nino be? Worse than you may think

Much of the discussion about the fear that the current El Niño will turn out to be even worse than the devastating 1997-1998 El Niño neglects a crucial fact.  Today's El Niño is unfolding over a world that is in many ...

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